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Digital Marketing

Many start-up and micro businesses are facing challenging times ahead with budget constraints, lack of internal resources and are looking for the most cost effective ways to get products and services to their customers.

How can you place your business in front of potential customers and ensure that your website is performing? Is your online content appropriate and engaging? How are you tracking your online performance? Are your online channels generating leads for your business? How to convert those leads into sales? How are you measuring your return on your investment?

Our digital marketing activities can deliver all of that.

We provide online services on a campaign by campaign basis to support you promote your products and services online. Find out how we can help you by executing the right online activities for your business.

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    Website Design and Development

    Designing a fully optimised website that can be quickly found on search engines. Built with scalability in mind so that your site can grow alongside your start-up or small business.

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    Google Ads

    Setting up and managing Pay Per Click campaigns delivering cost effective and measurable results for you

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    Business Blogging

    Planning and implementing an effective blogging strategy to communicate, share content, and engage with your target audience

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    Website Maintenance

    Maintaining your website by updating plug-ins, adding new web pages, adding case studies or testimonials to ensure your website is relevant and engaging for your audience

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    Content Marketing

    Creating and distributing valuable and relevant online content to your target audience or market ensuring your site visitors find the information they want and that Google’s sophisticated algorithms will also recognise your site to be of good quality

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    Social Media Strategy

    Designing and managing campaigns across all social media channels to increase engagement with your customers, develop your brand image, promote a specific campaign or drive traffic to your website

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