Case Study: Archive Management Solutions Ltd

Creation of a new Website Landing Page for a new Service | Copy Writing | Google Ads Strategy


Archive Management Systems Ltd (AMS) are a leading Records Management company, providing Secure Document Scanning and Document Storage Services.

For over 40 years they have been storing, protecting and managing the business critical records of their clients throughout the UK and Ireland.


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, more and more businesses began to operate from home. This impact of this was that post needed to be redirected to the appropriate person and was causing some logistical challenges for businesses.  AMS identified an opportunity for post to be redirected to them to be categorised, scanned and uploaded via a secure FTP line to a customer’s point of contact on a daily basis with the electronic images then distributed to the relevant member of staff for processing.

This new service offering required a new landing page for their website and they approached us to delivery this urgent project.

We were, very quickly, able to identify key search phrases to target, create a new landing page on the AMS website and set up a Google Ads campaign to promote this new service.


Within 24 hours significant interest in the new Post Room Scanning and Digital Mailroom Service had been generated and AMS were successfully converting leads into new customers.


Paul Sumpter, Sales Manager at Archive Management Systems Ltd commented:

“We can’t thank the team enough for reacting so quickly to help us promote our outsourced mailroom service. We could easily transition to this service and it was fantastic to have the support  to make sure we maximised this opportunity for our business in these unprecedented times.”

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